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Mississauga Transit (MT) came into existent in 1974 with the amalgamation of various villages, towns, cities and the Region of Peel.

Charterways was servicing various towns at the time of amalgamation and most of their fleet became part of MT. TTC under contract was running service along the Lakeshore from Long Branch Loop to Port Credit. TTC Service was terminated shortly after the amalgamation.

Back in 1974, the population of the City was 178,600.

Today, the population is over 700,000 with MT servicing 74 routes with a fleet of over 429 buses.

MT has operated a fleet of articulated's starting with the GM's to NFI and has the 2nd largest fleet after Ottawa. It has been the leader of going to 60' buses as well been the first for new models.

The Central garage is located at 975 Central Parkway West and is being expanded.

MT has a satellite yard located in Malton at 6780 Professional Court and is planning on a 2nd one for Meadowvale by 2012.

MT connects with Oakville Transit, Brampton Transit, GO Transit and TTC.

MT has fare integration with Oakville and Brampton Transit where you give your transfer to any of the 3 systems and they will give you a new transfer.

By showing your weekly or monthly pass, you can obtain a transfer to use any of the 3 systems.

MT introduce a 2 hour transfer back in 2005 allowing riders to stop along any route to do shopping or other things and be able to get back on to carry on or return home. Ridership spike 22% when this 2 hour transfer was introduce. Other systems follow the practices by going to either a 90 or 120 minute transfer.

Transfer time is from the time the bus starts traveling the route. Depending on various routes, you can up to 90 minute to stop and shop before the transfer expires.

Since 2000, the fares have gone up yearly $.10 per ticket and a $1 for weekly passes. 2009 saw the $.10 per ticket fare increase, but $2 for weekly passes with cash going from $2.75 to $3. 2010 saw no increase, but the 2009 fare increase cover that

Anyone transferring from a GO Train to MT will only have to pay $.65 by showing your GO ticket, but you cannot doing that when trasfering from a GO bus as GO does not cover the $1.65 paid to MT for the trains. If you are going to a GO station to use a GO Train, you only have to pay the $.65 when showing your day pass or ticket. MT does offer a monthly sticker for the GO ticket to allow you to use MT service all the time at an extra cost.

It is the system that started me on the road to become a Transit and Urban Advocate.

I have written a number of reports relating to how transit could be better in Mississauga as well appeared before council dealing with transit issues.

The ONE thing I learn very early in 2000, the year that got me started, "DO your Homework and provide a Solution" to your issue as it goes along way getting your issue understood.

This came from Mayor Hazel McCallion to her staff and apply to everything I do all over the place today.

Take pictures where needed as they have a thousand words to say.

Handouts and slide presentation will help to get your issue across easier.

The current fleet and history of it is under Fleet.

With the exception of the 9700's series 40' buses up to 2008, all the seats were brown and plastic. Not comfortable for long trips.

New seating were added with the arrival of the 30' buses in 2007 from ElDorado. 2 different types show up in 2008 with the artic's having one style will the 40's had another. The 2009 order that arrived 9 months ahead of schedule in fall of 2008 had the same type of the 2008 40's model and a big step up.

I have been pushing for better seats of 5 years and nice to see it happen.

Service on Sunday is still the pits as only 20% of the city sees service that is anywhere between 30-60 minutes with the exception of route 19 that is now seeing 14 minutes after 11 am to 7 pm and route 3 that see 22-23 minutes.