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The photo pages were updated on Sept 15, 2015

St Clair Ave Streetcar line is being rebuilt under 4 phases with Phase I being between Vaughan Rd and Yonge St Clair Station Loop.

We have setup up this site as those 4 phases and they will have their own write up and click the links at the bottom to take you to any of them.

Click on the year in the top menu and it will take you to the first page of Photos that we shot that year. They will include a short write up.

Depending on what taking place at the time, a larger write up will be at the top of the Photos.

We have put 20 thumbnail Photos on the pages to speed the uploading time. Those thumbnail Photos are link to the full size photo that you can view in more detail.

In the fall of 2005, I started to take Photos of St Clair Ave from Yonge St Loop to Scarlett Rd. This include all of the intersections as well platform before this road gets a make over. I regret not shooting any videos before the streetcars were removed for construction to have a view of Before and After construction ride.

The existing TTC 512 streetcar tracks were to be removed from mix traffic to an (Right-of-Way) ROW, allowing faster movement of transit from the existing Yonge St Loop to Gunns Loop, 6.2 km in the west end.

Construction was to be completed by 2008 up to the existing loop at Gunns St.

The first section was to be from Yonge St Loop to St Clair West Station loop, but ended up at Vaughan Rd.

All the existing hydro wires will be place underground. In many places, existing sidewalk will have to be cut to put in turning lanes. A number of side streets that connect to St Clair will be close to left hand turning requiring drivers to make a U-turn at signals intersections to get to their street.

At the same time, a small group of local residents and business known as SOS or Save Our St Clair took the City of Toronto as well TTC to court to stop the construction of this ROW as it was not in the City official plan. The plan was being review by the OMB at the time. They obtain a temporary stop order in the fall of 2005 with the case to be heard in early 2006.

This court injunction caused all kinds of construction problems to the point only the work in the Yonge St intersection was to be completed.

In early 2006, one of the judges that sided with the stop order removed himself from the case due to conflict of interested.

The case was heard in the spring of 2006 with the court siding with TTC and the City of Toronto.

Work did not resumed on Phase I until the summertime, with TTC getting the use of Phase I ROW in Feb 2007.